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Tarot Cards & Alchemy by Sam ❤️

Terms and Disclaimer

Important notice – please read this information before booking your appointment:

Spirit Level Tarot Card Readings are used to guide you to offer self-counselling.

I am a human being and not infallible, so nothing is ever 100% guaranteed.

Tarot Card Readings are also subject to a person’s OWN interpretation, and your life choices will be of YOUR OWN volition.

Do not use a Tarot Card Reading instead of seeking Professional/Financial/Business/Legal or Medical advice.

If you are suffering from medical/financial/business/legal/domestic issues, YOU MUST consult a Professionally Qualified person first and foremost.

  • Please note that I am a Psychic, not a Medium

I work with Tarot Cards to discuss/help and advise clients regarding their past/present & future.

I do not contact deceased loved ones or give messages from them.

This may, on occasion, happen, but it is not guaranteed.

  • Tarot Card Readings are for entertainment purposes only

By using my services you agree to these terms.

Sending much love ❤️💋 & huge hugs 🤗 to you all.

Sam xx

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